Head Lice Removal: Use Neutral Henna

Published: 29th April 2010
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There are many natural head lice removal methods. Products made of silicone combined with essential oils are now available in pharmacies or stores of natural products, and you can also make your own powerful home remedies using vinegar or different types of oils. Another not well-know natural remedy that has proven effective against lice is henna.

Neutral henna can be really useful in your battle against lice. By its coating action on the hair, it prevents the nits from sticking to the hair shafts.Some will argue that it is not really a treatment, because it will not dissolve the cement that glues the nits once they are already there. And it is true that henna is more a prevention measure against lice than a real head lice treatment.

The bid advantage is that henna will protect the hair from a reinfestation for about 6 months. You can then make preventive treatments with neutral henna before each school year as well as in spring, before the summer pick period.This will act as a repellent for head lice, preventing them to lay their eggs on the hair.

If you already have lice, just apply henna to the hair. Once you have applied neutral henna to the hair, remember to remove lice with a lice comb every single day during at least two weeks.This is the key to success with this method.You will prevent new eggs from being led, however you should carefully eliminate all existing live eggs.

You can also rinse the hair with warm vinegar and a few drops of lavender essential oil. But vinegar is not recommended in case of wounds due to scratching and it also moderates the effect of henna which prevents the nits from sticking to the hair.

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